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What is a Fire Valve?

Within any oil fired heating system it is law that an emergency fire shut off valve should be installed. The fire valve must isolate the oil at the point of entry into the building and be...

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Which Oil Tank Gauge is Best?

When deciding on which of the many types of oil tank gauge to install on your storage tank it can be difficult to decipher the best one to go for. This handy guide will explain the...

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Water Pump Types Explained

At Fueldump we supply a range of Pedrollo water pumps from Centrifugal, Peripheral to Self-Priming. Knowing the difference between the different types can be confusing. So by creating a guide to help you understand the differences...

fuel transfer products

Fuel Transfer Products

Fuel Transfer Products Here at Fueldump as you know we supply a large range of fuel transfer products, including a wide selection of diesel transfer pumps, fuel transfer pumps, fuel flow meters, fuel delivery hose, fuel dispensing...

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Fuel Transfer Pumps at Fueldump

Fuel Transfer Pumps   Here at Fueldump we now have available the complete range of FMT fuel transfer pumps. FMT are a Swiss/German company who produce only the best in fuel transfer pumps and flowmeters. As we all...

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Fitting The Atkinson Tanktop

Installing the Tanktop Please read these clear instructions for fitting your Atkinson Tanktop, Top Off Take Valve. Steel Tank:  With the back nut still on, dress the Tanktop 1” BSP thread with PTFE tape. Thread the float and the suction...

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