Such as the renowned Tigerloops, play a vital role in optimising oil heating systems. These devices are designed to remove air and gases from the fuel oil, ensuring a more efficient and reliable operation.

Tigerloops work by utilising a combination of principles. Firstly, they incorporate a vacuum-based system that creates a low-pressure zone, drawing air and gases out of the oil supply line. Secondly, Tigerloops employ a deaeration chamber which allows the separated air and fuel to vent, while the pure, deaerated fuel flows through. This results in a cleaner, air-free oil stream that is essential for smooth and efficient combustion in oil heating systems.

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Why would I need a Tigerloop deaerator ?

A Tigerloop deaerator is a piece of equipment that removes air from fuel and expels it from your heating system.
This achieves several things.
Firstly it makes the fuel burn cleaner in your boiler, as excessive air would carbonate on the fuel jets and they would become blocked quicker and therefor it reduces maintenance or breakdowns.
Secondly it opens your system up into a two pipe system which gives better lift capabilities for the boiler pump to pull fuel through the system from the tank.

Can i fit a Tigerloop inside my property rather than on the outside wall ?

Yes there are several versions of the Tigerloop that are designed to be fitted inside a building, these generally have a metal cover and a vent port for the fumes to be taken back outside the building.

What fittings are required to install a Tigerloop ?

We offer a complete fitting kits for the various versions of the Tigerloop.

When selecting your Tigerloop from the product pages you will see the option for adding a fitting kit.

Alternatively you can select individual kits and many of the parts included can be purchased separately too – Tigerloop Fitting Kits

What are the capabilities of a Tigerloop ?

Tigerloops will assist a maximum pipe run from the tank to the boiler of 100ft and a lift of 12ft.
They will deaerate up to 8ltrs of air per hour with a maximum flow rate of 230lph.

Is it correct I cannot install a plastic topped Tigerloop in my system anymore ?

The OFTEC recommendation’s have changed regarding plastic bowl filters and deaerators, but these are at the moment only recommendations the BSI have not adopted this, nor has building regulations, so having any of these items in your system would only be classed as a minor non conformance, unless these regulations change.