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Exploring Types of Liquid Transfer Pumps

Liquid transfer pumps are essential tools across various industries, from agriculture to automotive, and even household tasks. They help move liquids from one place to another efficiently and effectively. Let's explore the different types of liquid...

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New In – Fuel Transfer May 2024

Welcome to our May 2024 product launch for Refuelling & Liquid Transfer. This month, we have launched a new Premium Diesel Delivery Hose Kit, engineered for durability and optimal fuel flow. Additionally, we are introducing the...

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New In – Oil Heating May 2024

At FuelDump, we are always looking to expand our range and keep up with the most up to date products in the industry. This month, we have been busy adding many products to our ever expanding...

Guide To Oil Heating

Guide To Oil Heating 

  Explore the world of oil heating and learn how to efficiently utilise this heating method Understanding Oil Heating Systems Oil heating systems are a popular choice for rural homeowners or businesses who need an efficient and reliable way...

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What is a Fire Valve?

Within any oil fired heating system it is law that an emergency fire shut off valve should be installed. The fire valve must isolate the oil at the point of entry into the building and be...

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