Contents Gauges

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date measurement of the contents in your heating oil tank is crucial for efficient energy management. Our comprehensive range of Contents Gauges ensures you have the tools to monitor your heating oil levels with precision and confidence. Whether you’re a homeowner or managing a commercial heating system, we offer a variety of gauges and spares to meet your specific needs.

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Which type of contents gauge would be best for my tank ?

The type of fuel tank contents gauge you select would be based on a couple of things.

Do you need the contents gauge to be visible at the tank or remotely from the tank ?

If you require something to show the level but remotely from the tank the best choice would be a hydrostatic gauge as this is operated by forcing air into a sensor that sits inside the tank, the tube can be up to 50mtrs long so will allow the gauge face to be mounted elsewhere.

If you require a contents gauge for visible reading at the tank then you could select either a float gauge or a sight gauge.

A sight gauge would be mounted on the bottom outlet, a float gauge is connected via an existing port on the top of the tank.

Can i fit a sight gauge to a single skin tank ?

Yes, Single skin tanks can have a sight gauge fitted, however this is not permitted on a bunded tank as the regulations are slightly different. Please check with OFTEC , here is a guide on fuel storage tanks for domestic use, OFTEC – Home guide

What is a cat and mouse gauge ?

This is just another term for a float gauge , which is also know as a float on a rope gauge or drop gauge.