Atkinson Tankmaster Valve & Spares

Designed to meet all your fuel storage and management needs. Whether you’re a homeowner with an oil tank or a professional in the fuel industry, our range of Tankmaster valves and accessories provides a reliable and efficient solution.

Tankmaster Valve:

The Atkinson Tankmaster Valve is an important piece of equipment on a domestic heating oil set up. Offering an array of  features that ensure the utmost precision and safety for your fuel storage system. Designed to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial users, this valve is a testament to Atkinson’s commitment to excellence.

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Can I replace my Tankmaster valve while the tank is full ?

Yes this can be done but in two stages.
The main valve that holds the fuel back is though the centre of the body. The valve itself is detachable from the body and can be left in place in the closed position while you replace the body, the valve can then be replaced once the tank is empty at a later date. The tank union and valve can be purchased as a separate spare, the body can also be purchased as part of a Tankmaster service kit. Please contact our technical team for further advice.

The handwheel on my Tankmaster is seized how do i free it up ?

If the Tankmaster handwheel on your valve is seized this will be due to in-operation for a long period of time. This can be avoided by never leaving the valve in full lock. To best explain this, imagine turning the handwheel into the fully open position until the handwheel stops, but then backing it off half a turn, this ensures the valve is not left metal to metal for a long period of time.

To un-seize a stuck handwheel, the best bet would be WD40 all around the valve and handwheel for a couple of days then attempting to undo it with some grips.

If this fails give our technical team a call they will guide you further.

How do I change the filter in my Tankmaster valve ?

Changing a Tankmaster filter is very simple, we have actually product a short product video on how to do this correctly to ensure you get a good seal on the filter bowl and to avoid it leaking. Please see the video Tankmaster – replacing the filter”

My sight gauge is stained and i can no longer see the level what can i do ?

The sight gauge can become clouded by algae growth inside the tube, this is caused by UV light promoting this growth. The back support strip on the sight gauge can be rotated around the sight gauge to block the UV in the normal position the gauge would be viewed from then twisted back when not being read. This will prolong the life of the tubing.

However, we do offer replacement PVC tubing as well as complete sight gauge assemblies. We offer the tubing in cut lengths or as part of a Tankmaster service kit.

Also to make the fuel level more visible within the sight gauge we offer the sight gauge level indicator ball.

Can I service my Tankmaster ?

Yes many people like to service their Tankmaster valves on a regular basis. We provide several service kits depending on what level of service you require.

There is a service kit for the sight gauge alone, or the complete valve and finally a Tankmaster service and upgrade kit if upgrading from a series one valve to the current series two valve.  If you are unsure which version you have please see our blog to help you identify your valve.

See our main product FAQ’s section for Identifying your Tankmaster