PVC Sight Tubing

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PVC Sight Tubing

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  • Replacement PVC sight tubing for push button and Atkinson Tankmaster


£7.92 £9.50

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For use with Tankmaster Sight Tubes and Push Button Sight Gauges.

This can be supplied in 60 metre or 30 metre coils as well as in cut lengths. The price is either per coil or per metre depending on the length you require.

To order cut lengths (i.e. other than complete rolls) enter the quantities of two metre lengths required in the ‘Quantity’ box below (don’t worry, we won’t cut this up into individual two metre lengths), i.e. if you require 2 metres enter a quantity of 1; if you require 4 metres enter a quantity of 2.

Note: We have to sell this with a minimum of two metres in order to ensure sufficient is ordered (Two metres is adequate for 99.9% of all domestic oil tanks). The price equates to £3.76 per metre.  If you are absolutely certain you only want a one metre length then put a note in the comments box to this affect and we will reduce the amount charged to your card by £3.76 + VAT.

If you require to purchase complete rolls of this product then click the link below (discount for complete rolls is reflected in the price per metre charged).

The external diameter is 15mm and the internal diameter is 9mm.

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