Atkinson Tanktop – Top Offtake Valve

Introducing the Atkinson Tanktop, your solution for seamlessly drawing fuel oil from the top of your storage tank while ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. This innovative product is a game-changer, combining all the essential components for top-of-tank extraction into a single, leak-proof unit. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple joints, as this system incorporates everything you need in one neat and easy-to-install package.

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Can I fit an Atkinson Tanktop top offtake valve to my oil tank ?

The top offtake valve can be fitted to most oil storage tanks. We have several different connection methods that cover both steel and plastic tanks.

The Atkinson Tanktop top offtake valve will allow you to take fuel from the top of your tank, meaning you are always drawing clean fuel rather than a bottom outlet tank. It also allows for the modern fuel tanks that have no bottom outlet.

The Tanktop has an integral anti-syphon valve, anti spill valve, non return valve and of course a serviceable 50 micron filter.

How do i prime the Atkinson Tanktop valve ?

Once you have installed the valve onto you tank and ensured all of your joints are airtight then you can switch on your boiler and hold the priming button down on the Tanktop, this may take two people, as you have to have the boiler running while you are priming it. This allows the pump in your boiler to suck fuel through the open diaphragm in the Tanktop while the priming button is held down. This shouldn’t take very long depending on how much run of pipe you have between the tank and the boiler.


Do I need a Tigerloop or similar deaerator installed to use a Tanktop on my tank ?

Yes, we recommend having a Tigerloop or other brand of deaerator installed as this aids the lift of the fuel through the system.

How do I ensure my pipe joints are airtight ?

The best way to achieve this is to ensure any joints have copper pipe inserts in them, these push into the end of the pipe and give additional support so you can really get a tight connection on the nut and olive in each joint.