Plumbing and Heating Supplies

Plumbing and Heating Supplies

Atkinson Equipment Ltd have been servicing the plumbing and heating industry for over 40 years, starting out many years ago with the Atkinson Tankmaster which has endured time to become still to this day the sight gauge of choice for most heating engineers and installers. With time comes change and we here at Atkinsons have always embraced a challenge. Several years ago bringing to the market the Filstop overfill prevention valve for oil storage tanks, to date we have sold hundreds of thousands of these units in the Uk alone and now also have healthy export figures too. In more recent times we have introduced the new Atkinson Top off take valve a complete top off take solution inline with the new regulations on bundled oil storage tanks. Another new product from Atkinson Equipment is the Atkinson Fuel box, a well designed fuel dispensing box, complete with pump, flow meter, hose and nozzle, ideal for fitting to fuel storage tanks for dispensing fuel. The latest product from our ever increasing product range is the Atkinson Dry break coupling for adblue.

Along with all of our new products we still provide a complete service of plumbing and heating supplies to the industry. From fire valves, tigerloops and contents gauges to copper pipe inserts and compression fittings. Combine this with our large range of Filters, flow meters, pumps and nozzles we are now a complete one stop for refuelling components. With new ranges of chimney flue draught stabilisers, condensate boiler drain pipe trace heaters and fuel hose guide reels we really do have a very diverse selection of products and plumbing and heating supplies.

Atkinson Equipment Ltd continue to manufacture quality components here in the UK, bespoke for OEM tank manufacturers, the oil industry and to plumbers merchants in the UK and across the world. Fueldump and Atkinson Equipment should be your first call for plumbing and heating supplies.

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