Fuel Transfer Pumps at Fueldump

Fuel Transfer Pumps at Fueldump

Fuel Transfer Pumps


Here at Fueldump we now have available the complete range of FMT fuel transfer pumps. FMT are a Swiss/German company who produce only the best in fuel transfer pumps and flowmeters. As we all know Swiss and German engineering is well know know as being top quality. And to prove this point they offer a 3 year manufacturers warranty on all their products. And we in turn are proud to offer their equipment to our customers in the knowledge that they will be getting a top quality product.


Fuel Transfer pump

Fuel Transfer Pump
FMT Fuel Transfer Pump

The FMT range of Fuel pumps are suitable for Diesel and are ideal as a transfer pump.

FMT produce these pumps in all the various voltages including 12v,24v,110v and 230v variations.

They have options of flow rate capabilities also with a selection from either 60 or 100 litres per minute.

They also produce a range of pumps suitable for Bio-Diesel with compatible seals for most of today’s bio-fuels.

This makes FMT the 1st choice for a great fuel transfer pump.


Fuel Flow Meter

Flow Meter
Flow Meter


FMT also offer a range of Fuel Flowmeters.

These include an electronic inline flow meter for 1″ pipework and that will measure between 10-55 litres per minute.

Also the more popular nutating disc mechanical flow meter this again is for 1″ pipework and will measure between 10-120 litre per minute. It has a resettable batch counter and a complete total counter.


We are so convince of the quality & performance of the FMT product range we have based our own Fuel dispensing system on their pumps and flow meters click here to see the Atkinson Fuelbox

Check out the fuel transfer equipment section on Fueldump for FMT products.