The high Spec Husky Fuel Nozzle Range Explained

The high Spec Husky Fuel Nozzle Range Explained

Husky Fuel Nozzle
Husky Fuel Nozzle Features

An in depth look at the Husky Fuel Nozzle Range

Husky are a US manufacturer of high spec fuel nozzles, they are made to last and have a high service life and are very durable. The brand is widely thought of as being a hi end product in the refueling nozzle market. This is mainly due to an enhanced range of features that make them stand out of the crowd. Consequently it’s imperative that the user understands what makes them head and shoulders above most standard nozzles. Furthermore various Husky Fuel Nozzle models display many features that it can be confusing when deciding which to go for. Therefore to try and help you  decide which nozzle would be best suited for your application we have produced this guide.

The four main core models of Husky Fuel Nozzles

  1. Husky X-Mate (60lpm, 3/4″ Female BSP) – The X-mate nozzle is an entry level automatic shut off nozzle. The safe and efficient refuelling of smaller commercial vehicles and passenger cars is its forte.
  2. Husky 1GS (100lpm, 1″ Female BSP) – The work horse of the Husky range and the most popular too. It was designed to refuel larger vehicles and agricultural plant and machinery. Hence a well rounded adaptable automatic shut off Husky Fuel Nozzle.
  3. Husky VIII (250lpm, 1″ Female BSP) – Heavy duty and durable this automatic shut off Husky Fuel Nozzle is perfectly designed with its high flow rate for refuelling large agricultural plant and machinery.
  4. Husky 1690 (375lpm, 1.5″ Female BSP) – The largest capacity automatic shut off Husky Fuel Nozzle, extremely heavy duty with a large flow rate. Consequently very well suited for bulk fuel transfer applications. Ideally designed for refuelling trains, tankers or storage tanks.

Feature/Model Matrix









Loss Motion Latch Pinxxxx
Flo-Stop® devicexxx 
Reinforced spout bushingx*x**x 
Behind of spout sensing portxxxx
Stream Shaper®x*x**  
Delrin tipped stemxxx 
Torsion clip springxxx 
3 position hold open clipxxx 
Full metal hand guardxxxx
Increased pressure closing poppetxxxx
Anti-air lock feature x  
Dual Poppet  xx

*Smaller spout version as standard, larger spout version optional with Stream Shaper® spout assembly.

** Optional with Stream Shaper® spout assembly  

Features Explained

Loss motion latch pin – Reduces nuisance click offs and splash back spillages by using a spring loaded diaphragm.

Patented Flo-Stop® device – When the nozzle is raised above the horizontal or falls from the fill tank the nozzle shuts off to prevent spillages and fuel loss.

Reinforced spout bushing – The spout doesn’t distort or wear after excessive use, therefore preventing splash back and nuisance click offs.

Sensing port behind spout – The sensor is right behind the spout instead of on the end. Consequently ensuring the sensor is not damaged or worn with use and therefore increasing in sensitivity, as a result causing nuisance click offs.

Patented Stream Shaper® – Cuts down the amount turbulence during dispensing by restricting the velocity and therefore giving a straighter fuel flow and less splash back and fuel spillages.

Delrin tipped stem – This feature reduces the wear on the lever pad which then allows a more positive low flow shut off.

Torsion clip spring – Preventing breakages by enhancing the durability of the lever.

3 position hold open clip – This clip enables the user to hold the nozzle with one hand and put the hold open latch on. Should the nozzle be dropped the latch will flick off and shut the nozzle off even if it was in the lock position.

Full metal hand guard – Increased durability of the grip.

Increased pressure closing poppet – Should pressure be applied, someone stands on the hose, the poppet will shut off the nozzle. Consequently avoiding leakage by pushing the fuel through the spout onto the fore court.

Anti-air lock feature – Nozzle no longer needs to be removed from the hose when it requires priming.

Dual Poppet – This makes the nozzle easier to open when in a high pressure system.

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