Fuel Transfer Products

Fuel Transfer Products

Here at Fueldump as you know we supply a large range of fuel transfer products, including a wide selection of diesel transfer pumps, fuel transfer pumps, fuel flow meters, fuel delivery hose, fuel dispensing nozzles, fuel hose guide reels and fuel filters.

We will be shortly adding a range of diesel management systems to our ever growing product list, so watch this space.

More recently added products are the Truckmaster mobile fuel storage tank, complete with 12 volt pump, hose and nozzle. The Atkinson dry break coupling for adblue. And the new combi-save valve from Teddington.

Our main product catagories in our fuel transfer products range are :-

  • Fuel Transfer Pumps – Diesel Transfer Pumps
  • Fuel Flow Meters – Fluid Flow Meters
  • Fuel Dispensing and Fuel Delivery Nozzles
  • Fuel Dispensing Hose and Diesel Delivery Hose
  • Fuel Hose Guide Reels – Hose Reels
  • Fuel Filters – Particulate and Water Block
  • Adblue Transfer Equipment – pumps,hose,nozzles and flow meters

Fuel Transfer Pumps –

We supply a range of fuel and diesel transfer pumps from a selection of manufacturers but mainly from FMT , Piusi, Pedrollo and GPI.

FMT – A Swiss/German manufacturer who offer diesel pumps and flow meters. FMT offer a long manufacturers warranty on all of their products and as most Swiss or German manufacturers are well known for their excellent engineering capabilities, it is one of the mainstay product ranges we are proud suppliers of. We use all FMT products in our own fuel dispensing unit ‘The Atkinson Fuel Box’


Piusi – Well known manufacturer of pumps, flow meters and various other fuel transfer products. We supply their equipment for all purposes of fuel transfer, whether it be nozzles, pumps or flow meters. We also stock a small range of replacement and spare parts for Piusi equipment.


GPI – GPI are a main player in the market for fluid flow meters, with an excellent range of flow meters for all types of fluid, fuel, water and chemicals. We also supply their range of hand and drum pumps.


Pedrollo – we supply Pedrollo’s superb range of diesel and water pumps. All Pedrollo pumps are centrifugal or liquid ring pumps, and are available in all voltages including three phase 415 volt.


Fuel Hose Guide Reels –

We supply a selection of good quality fuel hose guide reels. We offer fixed, hand cranked and spring rewind  hose reels. We have two options on material, either stainless steel or painted mild steel. There are a range of sizes to suit various lengths of fuel hoses. We also stock the wall mounting brackets for all our fuel hose guide reels.

Adblue Transfer Equipment

We now offer solutions that enable you to transfer adblue, with our new adblue diaphragm pump kit, including pump, flow meter, hose nozzle and adblue dry break coupling.

Fuel Flow Meters

We are the Official UK distributor of GPI products, which include a very comprehensive range of fluid and fuel flow meters. GPI have a massive selection of fuel flow meters for all sizes of pipework, fluids and accuracies. They are the number 1 choice for accurate metering of fluids with specialised computer technologies in their meters that can meter flow to within 0.75% accuracy. They offer readouts of upto 6 digits and can report total batch, cumulative and flow rate of fluid through the meter. They offer meters from 0.5″ bore upto 4″ bores. And threads including BSP and NPT. The range includes meters that will record from 1 to 760 litres per minute.

Fuel Dispensing Hose

We supply both cloth and steel reinforced fuel delivery hose. Our hose can be bought in cut lengths with or without hose tails crimped on. We supply hose in either 3/4″ or 1″ and in various set lengths from 1.6m to 10m. We also supply a range of gravity feed diesel dispensing kits, complete with either straight or 90 degree gate vales with locking brackets and dispensing nozzles included.

Fuel Dispensing Nozzles

We supply both automatic shut off nozzles as well as manual shut off nozzles, suitable for gravity fed and pumped fuel systems. We offer a range of nozzles for varying flow rates and fuels, including diesel, adblue and other fuel types. Most of our fuel dispensing nozzles come with swivel hose tails and connection required to fit to your fuel delivery hose.

Fuel Filters

We supply a large range of fuel filters. From heating oil filters to inline fuel filters including canester and water trap filters. We supply cannester fuel filters, along with the filter heads for flow rates upto 150 litres per minute, for pumped and gravity feed systems. We do various grades including 2,10,30 and 100 microns. In particulate and water block. The water block filters we do come with a filter bowl with a water drain tap for removal of water in the filter.