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Diesel Transfer Pumps

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Diesel Transfer Pumps

There is a great range of diesel transfer pumps available from Fueldump, choosing the right fuel dispensing diesel pump is essential in ensuring reliable and efficient fuel management. All of the pumps we supply are designed to the highest of standards and built using quality materials and techniques.

We supply many of the major brands such as FMT fuel pumps, which are built to withstand the most vigorous of use. We also stock a wide range of different types including diesel pumps and some great rotary and semi rotary hand pumps. Also the FMT 12 or 24 volt battery powered pumping kits are industry standards thanks to their compact size, dependability and ease of use.

Also see our brand new Atkinson Fuelbox, the all in one fuel dispensing box including diesel transfer pump 2 total fuel flow meter, delivery hose and gun. This unit can be built bespoke to your requirements in our factory in the UK. All units are fully tested and come with a comprehensive warranty.

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