Piusi Battery Kit 12v / 24v

Battery Kit

Piusi Battery Kit 12v / 24v

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  • Self-priming battery powered fuel transfer pump
  • Mobile and ready to use
  • Flow rate: 50ltr Per Min
  • Suction/delivery hose, hose tail & jubilee clips
  • Manual nozzle

£199.00 £238.80

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Battery Kit is a portable diesel transfer kit. The diesel dispenser is equipped with a self-priming electric vane pump with a 12 or 24 V DC motor.

Battery Kit is suitable for all those conditions in which the user has to transfer and dispense diesel in safe conditions, when, for example, only a battery power supply is available. The Battery Kit diesel dispenser has been designed to ensure a reliable and safe diesel transfer and dispensing in situations where the operation of refuelling earthmoving machinery is complex.

The cast iron body makes the Battery Kit robust and durable. Thanks to its compactness, reliability and easy installation, the Battery Kit diesel transfer kit is used in all those cases in which the dispensing or transfer of diesel in safe conditions for construction, marine or agricultural machinery is required. The weight, the small size of the pump and the handle applied to the body are each important features that make the Battery Kit easy to handle and usable in any working environment.

One of the main features of the portable diesel transfer unit Battery Kit is to be flexible and quick to install. The flow rate of the electric pump, up to 45-80 l/min, ensures a quick transfer with a duty cycle of 30 minutes. The kit has a suction capacity of up to 2 mt and is equipped with 2mt long cables with battery connection pliers, a 4 mt long hose for fuels with a diameter of 3/4″, an aluminium manual nozzle and a bottom filter for the suction hose, which guarantees the quality of the diesel delivered, free from impurities.

Additional information

Weight2 kg

BP3000 DC diesel transfer pump – Self-priming battery powered fuel transfer pump


Sintered steel rotor & acetal resin vanes
Cast iron pump body with anti-corrosion paint

Flow rate

50ltr Per Min

Duty cycle

30min duty cycle


Manual nozzle


Suction/delivery hose, hose tail & jubilee clips
Suction strainer

Protection Grade



Available in 12v/24v







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