Piusi Battery Kit 12v / 24v

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Piusi Battery Kit 12v / 24v

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  • Self-priming battery powered fuel transfer pump
  • Mobile and ready to use
  • Flow rate: 50ltr Per Min
  • Suction/delivery hose, hose tail & jubilee clips
  • Manual nozzle

£190.37 £228.44

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The Piusi Battery Kit 12v/24v  is a sophisticated, ready-to-use mobile refuelling solution, engineered to facilitate the efficient dispensing of diesel from drums or small tanks to refuel vehicles. Manufactured in Italy, this 12-volt diesel transfer pump kit is renowned for its high performance, compact design, durability, and ease of use. It has garnered significant popularity in agricultural and construction markets, where it is frequently used to refuel machinery, tractors, and other vehicles.

Each model of the Piusi battery-powered diesel pump comes fully equipped with essential components, including cables and clips for easy connection to the vehicle’s battery, a convenient carry handle, a manual nozzle, a suction/delivery hose, and a strainer. There are various models available to meet different needs, whether horizontal or vertical ports are preferred, and whether a 24-volt or 12-volt pump is required.

Key Features of the Piusi Battery Kit Portable Diesel Transfer Pump Kit:

  • BP3000 DC Diesel Transfer Pump: This core component ensures reliable performance for all your refuelling needs.
  • Self-Priming Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump: Simplifies the process, making it efficient and user-friendly.
  • Sintered Steel Rotor & Acetal Resin Vanes: These high-quality materials contribute to the pump’s longevity and efficiency.
  • Cast Iron Pump Body with Anti-Corrosion Paint: Enhances durability, ensuring the pump withstands harsh conditions.
  • Incorporated Bypass Valve & NBR Lip Seal: Ensures optimal operation and prevents leaks.
  • Flow Rate: Delivers diesel at a rate of 50 litres per minute, making it highly efficient.
  • On/Off Switch in 2m Cable and Clips: Provides convenient control of the pump.
  • Direct Current Brush Motor with Permanent Magnet Stator: Ensures reliable power and performance.
  • 30-Minute Duty Cycle: Designed for intermittent use, ideal for refuelling tasks.
  • Manual Nozzle: Facilitates easy and precise dispensing of diesel.
  • Suction/Delivery Hose, Hose Tail & Jubilee Clips: Ensures a secure and efficient connection.
  • Suction Strainer: Prevents debris from entering the pump, maintaining performance.
  • Available with Horizontal or Vertical Ports: Flexibility to meet various installation requirements.
  • Protection Grade: IP55: Provides protection against dust and water jets.
  • Available in 12V/24V: Options to suit different power requirements.

The Piusi Battery Kit 12v/24v stands out as a top-tier choice for professionals seeking a reliable, durable, and efficient solution for mobile diesel refuelling. Its robust construction and comprehensive features make it an indispensable tool in demanding agricultural and construction environments.

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Additional information

Weight2 kg

BP3000 DC diesel transfer pump – Self-priming battery powered fuel transfer pump


Sintered steel rotor & acetal resin vanes
Cast iron pump body with anti-corrosion paint

Duty cycle

30min duty cycle


Manual nozzle


Suction/delivery hose, hose tail & jubilee clips
Suction strainer

Protection Grade


Flow Rate

36-60lpm, 76-90lpm

Fluid Type


Product Type








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