FMT 12V-54lpm Diesel Transfer Vane Pump

FMT 12V-54lpm Diesel Vane Pump

FMT 12V-54lpm Diesel Transfer Vane Pump

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  • Connecting cable – Length: 3m
  • Connection inlet/outlet – 1” female
  • Pump design – vane pump, self priming
  • Flow rate – 54lpm
  • Max Pressure – 1.8 Bar
  • Suction height – 3m
  • Voltage – 12v DC

£369.00 £442.80

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FMT 12V-54lpm Diesel Vane Pump

A top quality, Swiss-made sliding-vane pump, designed for use with diesel and other products which are not aggressive to the pumps component materials. Due to their unsurpassed reliability on continuous duty operations, these can also be used as process pumps.

● Continuous operation – 3 hours – with open valve
● Lapped shaft on the sealing point
● Encapsulation of the electric motor, which, in case of extreme temperature
fluctuations, largely prevents the formation of condensed water and of short-circuits
resulting thereof
● Pump case freely positional in all 90° positions
● Switch case freely positional in all 90° positions
● Switch case made of shock resistant, die-cast zinc, coated by catachresis
● Pump case made of seawater resistant die-cast aluminium, coated by catachresis
● Motor case, completely galvanised, coated external parts
● Small tolerances provide a high suction- and pressure performance at best efficiency
● The material composition of the vane-stator (runner ring) guarantees form-stability of
the vanes up to 200 °C / 392 °F
● Materials guarantee a low weight and an exceptional lifetime with optimized efficiency

Technical data

Connecting cable with battery terminal clips, length (m) / (ft): 3 / 10
Connection suction side: G 1” female
Connection discharge side: G 1” female

Hydraulic data

Pumping media: fuel oil and diesel
Pump design: vane pump, self priming
Delivery rate under free discharge up to (l/min) / (gpm): 54 / 14.3
Suction height up to (m) / (ft): 3 / 10
Discharge pressure up to (bar) / (psi): 1,8 / 26.1

Motor data

Insulation class: F
Highest permissible limit temperature (°C) / (°F): 155 / 311
Voltage (V): 12 V DC
Power consumption (A): 30
Power (W): 360
Fuse (A): 40 A plug-in fuse
Duty cycle (min) under free discharge max.: 180
Run time (min) when dispensing valve is closed max.: 2
Torque (Nm): 0,66
Rotation speed (rpm): 2500
Type of construction: IMB 5
Safety class: IP66

Materials of parts in contact with liquid
Seals: FKM (Viton®)/NBR
Pump housing: AlSi 12 (sea water resistant)
Rotor: GG 25
Vane: POM

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) / (inch): 290 x 120 x 120 / 11 x 4.7 x 4.7
Weight (kg) / (lb): 5,58 / 12.34

Dimensions L x W x H (mm) / (inch): 338 x 200 x 196 / 13.3 x 7.9 x 7.7
Weight including package (kg) / (lb): 6,2 / 13.7
Packing unit: 1,0

As well as this FMT 12V-54lpm Diesel Vane Pump we also offer the full range of FMT fuel dispensing pumps see product links below. We also supply a range of other FMT Refuelling equipment and spares here – FMT Fuel Transfer Equipment 

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