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The Future of Oil Heating

Oil heating is one of the best forms of heating in the UK today. From a cost perspective oil is more economic than rival energy products and oil fired heating systems are exceptionally efficient. Domestic oil...

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The Combimate Unit

What is Limescale? Many people come across limescale in their homes. If you've ever looked inside your kettle chances are you've probably seen a chalky, off-white crust at the bottom of it. This is limescale, which is...

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Water in Your Heating Oil Tank

It can be difficult to tell if you have water in your heating oil tank until something goes wrong with your Aga or boiler. This is one thing that should be checked on a regular basis...

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Pay As You Go… for heating oil customers

Pay As You Go Northern Ireland Minister for social development, Nelson McCausland, has given the go ahead for trials of a new "pay -as-you-go" system for heating oil customers. At present there are pay-as-you-go schemes for both electricity...

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Guide to Non-Domestic Oil Storage

Guide to Non-Domestic Oil Storage This guide applies to non-domestic oil storage tanks including those supplying commercial buildings such as offices, village halls, churches and schools. It also applies to domestic tanks over 3500 litres in capacity...

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Protecting your heating oil from theft

 Heating Oil Storage Tank Security Protect your oil tank Protect your oil tank with the following crime prevention advice offered by Norfolk Police: · Position your oil tank to allow maximum view from your property – this may...

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