The Future of Oil Heating

Future Of Oil Heating

The Future of Oil Heating

Oil heating is one of the best forms of heating in the UK today. From a cost perspective oil is more economic than rival energy products and oil fired heating systems are exceptionally efficient. Domestic oil customers have a great advantage over those that use Gas and electricity in that they can shop around for the best price whenever they need to buy their fuel, no need for them to get tied into contracts when better deals become available.

The oil heating product manufacturers have done a great job over the years in keeping the industry up to date with the development in oil fire technology reducing emissions whilst producing greater economy. Storage tank manufacturers have provided low maintenance more aesthetically pleasing products and equipment manufacturers have designed products to simplify installation whilst at the same time making installations environmentally safe.

Oil heating Engineers benefit from training and standards that have been put in place by the trade body OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association). Over the past twenty-six years OFTEC has enabled the oil heating industry to hold its head high for the quality of service that its customer receives.

Environmental agencies across the United Kingdom have introduced regulations to make sure fuel storage is safe for the environment; to this end OFTEC and the FPS (Federation of Fuel Suppliers) with the support of their members, have been working to make the customer aware of best practice and good housekeeping around heating oil storage. The introduction of storage tank systems that enclose the primary tank with in an outer bund that can retain 110% of the primary tanks volume, having top fill systems incorporating an overfill prevention valve and top outlet fuel line complete with anti-syphon valve makes for the best practice package for the customer and environment alike.


With the continuing discovery of oil reserves around the world the future of oil heating and the low-cost of heating oil is looking good, but the oil heating industry, in the face of hostility towards fossil fuels, must continue to develop even cleaner emission (NOx) burners that are economic to run and equipment and storage that is safe in the environment and practical to use, whilst demonstrating to the world that the Oil Heating industry promotes Best Practice across the board. This approach is not only right but it gives the customer confidence to continue to support and use oil as a heating and cooking fuel.oil heating tank

Good Fuel with Good products together with Good Practice makes for an environmentally friendly Good Industry and many happy customers.