Another way of reducing your heating cost and avoiding boiler breakdown.

Another way of reducing your heating cost and avoiding boiler breakdown.

How can Tigerloops reduce your heating costs by reducing breakdown and servicing expenses.

When you consider the  high price of home heating oil in the UK, most home owners are obviously very cautious about their oil usage. But in the winter, when we start getting frost and cold weather, our homes need to be warm, especially if there are young children or elderly people living there.

Most people appreciate that setting the timer is a wise idea and only having the heating switched on for a few hours each day will reduce your heating oil usage.  Keeping the boiler or room thermostats at a lower level will also reduce usage levels but there are a few other steps that we can take to keep costs down and within the household budget and some of the savings are really worth having.

Having an OFTEC registered engineer servicing your boiler is always highly recommended to get better boiler efficiency and the service should be carried out every 12 months to avoid excess carbon build up. Another way of avoiding carbon build up is to have your heating engineer or plumber install a Tigerloop Deaerator. This unit is relatively inexpensive compared to boiler breakdown in the long run. The Tigerloops are designed to remove any air in your heating oil before it is delivered to your boiler for combustion. This makes the nozzle jets burn more efficiently and reduces carbon deposits caused by burning air and improves the life of your boiler components.DEAERATORTIGERLOOP_ORIGINAL

The Tigerloop deaerator needs to be installed next to the boiler or burner and should be installed by an experienced heating engineer.    There are several versions of the Tigerloop available, including an internal fitting version which can be installed inside your property should your boiler be a distance away from an external wall. There is also a version the comes complete with an integral filter, which further improves the quality of the heating oil being delivered to the boiler.

During these tough economic times we would definitely recommend asking your local OFTEC registered engineer or plumber for a quote for the cost of having a Tigerloop deaerator fitted to your heating system as in the long run it will inevitably save you money on your heating oil bills and any future boiler breakdown costs.


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