Heating oil Theft…..

Heating oil Theft…..

Norfolk police are blaming rising fuel costs for making the country’s fuel tanks extra attractive to heating oil theves.

As a proactive measure, officers are offering free crime prevention surveys and advice to help deter such thefts. Detective sergeant, Peter Jessop, said :

It’s Worth the relatively small outlay to protect a tank and its contents. Oil is an expensive commodity and everyone needs to do thier bit to prevent losses – I’d urge people to remain vigilant for suspicious activity around oil tanks in their community.

In addition, if a stranger knocks at your door and tries to sell you heating oil at a discounted price, be wary. It’s likely the individual will be a rouge trader so you should decline and immediately call the police. Always buy from a reputable source

Here at Atkinson Equipment we are constantly asked for advice on how people can secure and deter theves from stealing their heating oil from their oil storage tanks. We have always listened to the needs of our industry and came up with a range of products that can help combat the opportunist oil theif.

We have designed a locking filler cap with a 2″ BSP thread, Standard to most tank filling points. This can be attaced to your existing tank outlet as a permenant fixture and then secured with a combination padlock. The Atkinson Locking Filler Cap can be found on our Fueldump website and purchased online. We currently have them on offer with 25% off the RRP. They have a hard anodised aluminium fitting boss with an aliminium cap, also a  7mm shank YALE combination lock.

The Atkinson Locking Fill Point
The Atkinson Locking Fill point

Other theft prevention devices can be found on the Tank Security section of our website.