A guide to Selecting a GPI Flow Meter

A guide to Selecting a GPI Flow Meter

GPI Flow Meters

Flow meter performance can be critical to customers in the field. All flow meters produced by GPI are quality tested at the factory. They adhere to the strictest testing procedures. They take pride in the performance of their meters and want customers to rest assured, they have purchased one of the best.

Determining flow meter performance is important to GPI, so they take extra efforts when it comes to performance testing. Although there are various methods for establishing performance, they use some of the most stringent methods available.

GPI calibration equipment includes primary and secondary standards that are NIST traceable. Primary standards include ballistic calibrators and weight calibration stands.

We offer the complete range of GPI flow meters including the G-Series Precision Meters, the G2 Industrial Grade Meters, the GM Series Oval Gear Meters, the A1 Commercial Grade Meters and GPI’s range of Economy Electronic Digital Meters.


G-Series Precision Meters – 

The high precision meter line is the most accurate of the GPI turbine meters and includes a traditional design. These meters come in a variety of sizes and fitting options including NPT, ANSI flange and flared tubing fittings. The GSCPS on these meters carries the 3A Sanitary rating.

G2 Industrial Grade Meters –

The unique modular approach of the Industrial Grade Meter line allows you to design a meter to match your specific application. Turbine choices depends on flowrate, line size, pressure rating, fitting type, chemical compatibility and temperature range. When choosing a G2 Series Meter, select from our wide variety of materials and sizes. These meters offer high accuracy at a lower cost, are compact and include a self-contained design. G2 Series Meters are field serviceable. Electronic choices for the G2 Series Meters are also available.

GM Series Oval Gear Meters – 

GM Series Oval Gear Meters are designed for low flow and high accuracy. GM Series Meters are great for viscous fluids. Units are available with pulse output from either a Reed Switch or Hall Effect Sensor. Electronic choices for the GM Series Meters are also available.

A1 Commercial Grade Meters – 

Commercial Grade Meters are designed as self-contained, battery powered units. These indicating meters come in aluminium or nylon only. A1 Meters are not field serviceable like the popular G2 Series Meters. For flow meters with advanced features and additional housing materials, refer to the G-Series, G2 Series or GM Series meters.

Economy Electronic Digital Meters – 

GPI offers a variety of economy meters to meet specific applications. These meters are great for monitoring and indication. They provide lower accuracy than our other meters but are an economical choice in many applications. The economy meters are not field serviceable like the popular G2 Series Meters.