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Pay As You Go… for heating oil customers

Pay As You Go Northern Ireland Minister for social development, Nelson McCausland, has given the go ahead for trials of a new "pay -as-you-go" system for heating oil customers. At present there are pay-as-you-go schemes for both electricity...

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Guide to Domestic Oil Storage

Domestic Oil Storage This guide applies to oil storage tanks up to 3500 litres capacity supplying oil to single family dwellings for heating and cooking purposes. Depending on where you live, regulations may vary slightly. The information here...

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Fitting The Atkinson Tanktop

Installing the Tanktop Please read these clear instructions for fitting your Atkinson Tanktop, Top Off Take Valve. Steel Tank:  With the back nut still on, dress the Tanktop 1” BSP thread with PTFE tape. Thread the float and the suction...