Atkinson Tank alarm Series – Combined Bund & Overfill Alarm

Atkinson Tank alarm Series – Combined Bund & Overfill Alarm

Model No TA1055: 9v BatteryOverfill/Bund Alarm





1)       Install the probe into the tank as illustrated below. You will require 2 holes approximately 20mm (3/4”) Dia

Fitting Bund and Overfill Alarm

NOTE: When drilling holes in fuel tanks that contain fuel reference should be made to Health & Safety Executive guidelines.

Combined Overfill and Bund Alarm
The Atkinson Overfill and Bund Alarm – TA1055



Carefully install the probe marked “overfill” through the 20mm hole, into the main storage tank & the second probe marked “bund” into the space between the inner & outer tanks. Please ensure the sealing gaskets are in place. Secure to the tank by means of the self-tapping screws supplied.

2)       Before securing the probes, adjust the depth of the probes (as above) to your particular requirement using the gland supplied at the top of the probe.

3)       To install the alarm box, take the bracket supplied on the back of the unit and affix it where required (NOTE: although the alarm box is suitable for installation in exposed locations, it is advised that the unit is not installed so that the sounder will ingress rain water)

4)       Run the cable from the probes to where the alarm box will be secured and connect the twin core cable from the overfill probe to the terminals in the box marked “+ / -“ at the top of the alarm box. And for the bund probe use the terminals located by the base of the alarm box. To do this you will have to remove the back plate of the alarm box. All cables should be run through cable glands on bottom of alarm box.

5)       Before replacing the back plate, remember to place the PP3 (9v) battery in to the appropriate terminal the correct way around, battery life is approximately 18 months.


To test the alarm, push the test button on the face of the alarm box and hold for a short while, the alarm should then sound for approximately 5 seconds.

When filling the tank the visual level indication will operate automatically, the alarm will automatically sound in the event of the tank being filled to within it’s brimful capacity, this is the signal for the operator to stop filling the tank to prevent overfilling.

When the alarm sounds as a warning you are required to reset the alarm by pressing the test button.

Please note these alarms are not classed as intrinsically safe.


In the unlikely event of you experiencing trouble with this unit please contact your distributor