Atkinson Filter Valve Fitting Instructions

Atkinson Filter Valve Fitting Instructions


The Atkinson Filtervalve is supplied for connecting to 10mm dia oil line. See Note 4 below if other pipe sizes are to be fitted.

THE TANK SHOULD BE INSTALLED WITH AT LEAST 30CM (ONE FOOT) CLEARANCE UNDER THE FILTER BOWL. This is to allow adequate clearance for maintenance of the filter, including room for a container to collect any spillage.

This Atkinson Filtervalve has been fully tested and was in good condition on leaving the works; reasonable care in fitting will ensure trouble free operation. The following fitting sequence must be followed:

Fitting to tanks with bottom outlet

  1.       Grip brass locknut and remove 1” BSPT male union.
  2.        Dress 1” BSP male union thread with PTFE tape in a clockwise direction, being careful not to get tape over the end of the union and screw the union into the tank outlet to form a tight seal.
  3.       Ensure the brass locknut is fitted to the main body.
  4.       Dress ½” BSP male brass thread with PTFE tape in a clockwise direction, being careful not to cover the hole.
  5.       Screw into the 1” BSP male union, orientating so the filter bowl-retaining bolt is pointing downwards and lock into position with the brass locknut.
  6.      Ensure that that the handle is turned 90 degrees anti-clockwise to the valve body, leave the valve closed until you are ready to allow the fuel to flow.  
  7.      The oil line should now be connected using the 10mm o.d. compression fitting provided.
  8.      Note: if a different outlet pipe is required, remove the compression fitting & connect an adaptor to the 3/8” BSP female thread.

The Atkinson Filtervalve can be fitted to top off take tanks with the addition of standard plumbing fittings.

Changing the filter element: The Filter should be replaced at each Tank and Boiler service

You require a replacement filter kit part number AFV-1000-KIT before you can change the Atkinson Filtervalve’s filter element. Instructions on how to do this are included with the filter kit.


In the unlikely event of experiencing any difficulty with this equipment, please contact your distributor.