Atkinson Filstop – Overfill Prevention Valve

overfill prevention valve - filtstop

Atkinson Filstop – Overfill Prevention Valve

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  • Complete tank fill point which shuts off when fuel level reaches it’s maximum
  • 2″ BSP Male tank fitting
  • Max flow – 580lpm
  • Made by us in the UK

From £78.40 £94.08

SKU: GV4000/4300



Designed to act as the fill point on both metal and plastic diesel tanks.  The Filstop physically closes the inlet to the tank should the fuel level reach its maximum during delivery.  This prevents the tank from being overfilled or bursting and hence reduces the risk of pollution and expensive clean up operation that might arise from such an occurrence.

The unit for plastic tanks comes complete with fitting flange, O ring and Locking Nut (as shown in the picture) so that it can simply be fitted through a 2″ hole cut into the top of the tank. The unit for steel tanks is supplied without fitting flange, O ring nor Locking Nut (as shown in the picture) so that it screws directly into the 2″ BSP Female inlet.

Very important: The GV4300 requires the T Bar Fitting tool GV5000 in order to screw this in place, which is supplied as an optional extra. Please add this to your order when ordering the GV4300 if you do not already have one of these (see option below).

Tip: For Steel Tanks, we also supply  the overfill prevention valve with an undersized 2″ BSP threaded body (where the inlet thread may be not exactly 2″ BSP, as can occur on a Chinese manufactured inlet boss).  The GV4300 version must only be used where a remote filler point is being used (so that the connection to this is permanent – if the delivery driver connects direct to the GV4300-ST and his ‘delivery gun’ is worn there is a danger that this can be forced off by the back pressure caused when the internal ram valve shuts off the incoming flow of oil).

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