Spare Gasket for Groz Filter

Spare Gasket for Groz Filter

Spare Gasket for Groz Filter

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  • Groz Filter Gasket
  • 92mm OD
  • 2.6mm THICK

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This is the spare gasket for Groz filter unit we supply.

The gasket should be changed each time you replace the filter element. You must also make sure it seals correctly by ensuring it is fitting correctly into the gasket groove in the filter head. Most people make the mistake of not completely removing the old gasket and this can stop the new one fitting correctly and sealing.

The best way to ensure the gasket fits correctly is to apply some grease to ensure it slips into the groove and stays there while you replace the filter bowl. It will keep it in position while you do this and avoid pinching it between the filter head thread and the filter bowl.

You should also grease the plastic thread on the filter bowl, this is always a good suggestion when threading two differing materials together to avoid cross threading and again not sealing thus possibly causing a leak or weeping of the fuel out of the bowl once its under pressure and in use.

We do supply the thread grease and a filter strap wrench as part of a kit here – Groz filter service kit

If you just require the filter thread grease this can be found here – Groz Filter Thread Grease

The Groz filter service kit does include the Spare Gasket for Groz Filter.

We do have a short instruction guide in video form that you might find useful, it is in the images section of this page.


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