Filter Strap Wrench – 160mm (6 3/4″)

Filter Strap Wrench

Filter Strap Wrench – 160mm (6 3/4″)

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  • Easily hold, tighten and loose irregular shaped equipment
  • Ideal for servicing the Groz fuel filter
  • Non-marking strap won’t damage fine finishes
  • Non-slip and soft grips

£8.84 £10.61

SKU: BOA-12001B


Filter Strap Wrench

This filter strap wrench is ideal for securely handling, tightening, and loosening a range of objects like fuel filters, pipes, and hose fittings. The maximum diameter size the wrench can handle is 160mm or 6 3/4″

Featuring a non-marking strap for delicate finishes and non-slip, soft grips for a comfortable and secure hold, these wrenches empower you to confidently tackle tasks needing a strong and flexible grip. This wrench in particular is ideally suited for servicing your Groz fuel filters

Please see the short video guide above on how to service your groz filter.

We also supply a complete service kit for the Groz filters we supply. This includes not only the filter strap wrench but also a tube of thread grease, and a replacement filter element of your choice, either water block or particulate only. Please see our complete service kits here – Particulate filter service kit   or our Water Block filter service kit

It is important to always grease the threads on spin fuel filters as they can be left sometime before they are next serviced and can eventually seize if not greased initially.

Please see our filter thread grease if you wish to purchase separately here – Filter thread grease 


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160mm (6 3/4")