Plastic Rotary Adblue / Chemical Hand Pump

Plastic Rotary Adblue Pump

Plastic Rotary Adblue / Chemical Hand Pump

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  • 2″ for metal drums & buttress thread for plastic drums
  • Viton Seals
  • Wetted Parts Ryton, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel 304, LDPE
  • Flow Rate up to 5 litres per 20 revolutions
  • Pump inlet & outlet 3/4″ Female
  • 3 Piece threaded suction tube for use with 50litre and 205 litre drums.


£96.00 £115.20

SKU: P3945


Introducing our versatile Polypropylene Rotary AdBlue Hand Pump, designed to facilitate the safe and efficient transfer of a wide range of fluids, including Adblue and various chemicals. Engineered for reliability, this pump boasts dual directional operation, enabling smooth handling and precise control.

With a capacity to deliver up to 5 litres or 1.3 gallons per 20 revolutions, this pump is optimized for efficiency. It comes equipped with a 3-piece threaded suction tube, tailored for compatibility with drums ranging from 50 to 205 litres, ensuring adaptability to different storage containers.

This pump is suitable for use with an extensive array of fluids, including acids, water-based media, antifreeze, detergents, urea, AdBlue, DEF, benzene, glycerine, and tetraethylene glycol. However, it’s important to note that it is not compatible with acetone, lacquer, mineral oils, solvents, or turpentine oil, ensuring safe handling and optimal performance.

Invest in reliability and versatility for your fluid transfer needs with our Polypropylene Rotary Hand Pump, designed to streamline your operations while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

If the plastic Rotary AdBlue / Chemical Hand Pump isn’t quite what you are looking for we also supply an alternative “AdBlue Lever Hand Pump” which has the capability to pump to dispense 500cc per stroke of the lever, it is also design for use with drums and barrels with the correct fittings.


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