Multi Purpose Liquid Extraction Hand/Electric Pump

Liquid Extraction Pump

Multi Purpose Liquid Extraction Hand/Electric Pump

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Key Features:

  • Integral container with a capacity of six litres
  • Impressive flow rate of 2.4 litres per minute
  • Comes with 10mm, 7mm, and 6mm OD x 900mm probes for versatile use
  • Offers both manual and air-operated extraction options
  • Optional storage tank extraction kit available for enhanced functionality

£87.85 £105.42


Introducing the Multi Purpose Liquid Extraction Hand/Electric Pump: your go-to solution for efficiently removing water and fuel from various sources. Engineered with portability in mind, this lightweight unit is designed for ease of use in a variety of scenarios.

Whether you’re draining tank bunds, bilge water, or oil from vehicles and machinery like lawn mowers and hydraulic reservoirs, this versatile pump gets the job done. Equipped with suction probes, it swiftly extracts fluids and stores them in its integral container, boasting a generous six-litre capacity. When it’s time to dispose of the extracted fluid, simply remove the top plug for easy pouring.

But that’s not all – optional accessories such as the storage tank extraction kit enhance its capabilities, enabling extraction from the bottom of tanks or deep bund areas.

So, what sets this model apart as a portable fuel transfer pump? Unlike traditional pumps that require mains power, this hand-operated pump provides unparalleled mobility. Simply connect it to a drum or IBC, and it’s ready to move wherever it’s needed. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for off-road applications in industries such as agriculture, construction, quarrying, and mining. Say goodbye to cumbersome, stationary pumps – with this portable solution, fuel transfer becomes effortless and efficient.

If you are looking to purchase the Multi purpose liquid extraction hand/electric pump because you are concerned about water in your heating oil tank then please take a look at some of our other products that might be useful. We supply complete affordable kits for exactly this purpose see – Heating oil tank water removal kit

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