Dry Break Coupling for use with DEF/AdBlue®

AdBlue Dry Break Coupling

Dry Break Coupling for use with DEF/AdBlue®

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  • 2″ BSPP Female Thread
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • EPDM Seal
  • Working Pressure 10 Bar
  • For tanks up to 10,000 Litre

From £177.60 £213.12

SKU: DBC-1000


Dry Break Coupling – AdBlue

Atkinson Equipment has answered the call from tank manufacturers to supply a Dry Break Coupling – AdBlue, for use on plastic and steel storage tanks. The requirement for the larger Adblue® storage that is refilled on site has increased over the past year. The Atkinson dry break coupling for AdBlue® is designed to open and close automatically when the delivery hose is connected and disconnected.

To ensure control of possible spillage and cross contamination, a dry break coupling is used to connect the delivery hose to the tank. As the delivery hose is connected to the tank coupling the dry break coupling opens automatically. After the fill is complete, the dry break coupling automatically closes thus closing both fill and delivery connection eliminating spillage.  The valve insures minimum liquid loss on disconnection even if connected or disconnected whilst filling is in progress. It also minimises the possibility of contamination.

The DBC-1000-AB is made of 316 Stainless steel and has seals compatible with DEF/Adblue®; it can be used as a fill point on top of the tank, or horizontally in an appropriate offset fill system that can also be supplied by Atkinson. The company says its DBC-1000-AB is ideal as an OEM product for retro fitting on site. The coupling is compatible with the hose connections already in the field.

The Atkinson DBC-1000-AB was designed and manufactured in Westbury, England and is 100% Tested before shipment.

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