Automatic Nozzle for DEF/AdBlue®

Automatic AdBlue Nozzle

Automatic Nozzle for DEF/AdBlue®

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  • 316 Stainless Steel, 3/4″ BSP Female Inlet
  • 100% compatible with DEF/Adblue®
  • For use on pumped systems only
  • Flow Rate Max: 40lpm
  • Flow Rate Min: 8lpm
  • Working Pressure: 0.5 – 3.5 Bar

£161.60 £193.92



Automatic AdBlue Nozzle

The M3700-ABSS Economy Range Automatic Nozzle is a reliable and versatile solution designed specifically for use with DEF/AdBlue®. Crafted for compatibility and efficiency, this nozzle automatically ceases the flow when the maximum level is reached, ensuring safe and hassle-free operation. It is not suitable for gravity feed systems and must be used exclusively with pumped systems to function correctly.

Constructed with 316 stainless steel and featuring a 3/4″ BSP female inlet, the M3700-ABSS is built to withstand rigorous use and harsh environments. Its robust design ensures long-lasting durability and performance, making it ideal for a variety of applications. This nozzle is also compatible with a wide range of solvents and corrosive mediums, including E85, E100, M85 gasoline blends, alcohols, ketones, acetates, anti-freezing, and defrosting fluids, water, salt solutions, drinking water, high-grade foodstuffs, drinking alcohols, pharmaceuticals, acids, alkalis, and AdBlue® Urea solution as per DIN70070 standards.


  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with DEF/Urea/AdBlue® solutions.
  • System Requirement: Must be used with pumped systems only; not suitable for gravity feed systems.
  • Material: Made from high-quality 316 stainless steel for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Inlet Size: Equipped with a 3/4″ BSP female inlet for secure and reliable connections.
  • Flow Rate: Capable of delivering a maximum flow rate of 40 litres per minute (lpm) and a minimum flow rate of 8 lpm.
  • Working Pressure: Operates efficiently within a pressure range of 0.5 to 3.5 bar.
  • Automatic Operation: The nozzle automatically stops the flow once the tank reaches the maximum level, preventing overflows and ensuring safe handling of fluids.

Part Number Description

  • Part Number: M3700-ABSS
  • Product: Economy Range Automatic Nozzle for use with DEF/Urea/AdBlue® – 40 lpm

Enhance your fluid transfer operations with the M3700-ABSS, the reliable and efficient choice of Automatic AdBlue nozzle for managing DEF/Urea/AdBlue® and other compatible substances.

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