Diesel Delivery Hose Kit – 1″ Standard Hose & Auto Nozzle

Premium diesel delivery hose kit

Diesel Delivery Hose Kit – 1″ Standard Hose & Auto Nozzle

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From £78.48 £94.18



Introducing our premium cloth reinforced PVC nitrile diesel delivery hose kit with automatic shut off gun, designed to meet your demanding requirements with efficiency and reliability. Crafted to deliver an impressive flow rate of up to 60 liters per minute, this hose ensures seamless performance in various applications.

Tailor your setup with our customizable options. Select from a range of lengths, from 3 meters to 10 meters, to suit your specific operational needs. Additionally, choose your preferred fitting type to seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment:

  1. Cam Coupling – Featuring push quick fit connectors for swift and hassle-free installation.
  2. Swivel Joint – Providing enhanced manoeuvrability and flexibility during operation.
  3. Standard Hose Tail – Offering a traditional yet robust connection option for dependable performance.

Elevate your workflow efficiency and performance with our versatile cloth reinforced PVC nitrile diesel delivery hose kit. Make your selection today and experience unmatched quality and reliability.

For those opting for Cam Couplings, we also offer dust plugs and dust caps to safeguard your equipment and maintain optimal functionality. Explore our selection of Cam & Groove Couplings to complete your setup seamlessly.

Please also see our other diesel delivery hose kit for system that only require a manual nozzle such as gravity feed systems where there is no pump installed – Manual diesel hose and nozzle kit

We can also supply hose up to 50mtrs rolls and any cut length required below that max length, with or without hose tails or fittings.

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Weight2 kg

3mtrs, 4mtrs, 6mtrs, 8mtrs, 10mtrs


Hose Tail, Swivel connector, Quick Cam Coupling (M/F)


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