Anti-Siphon Valve – Adjustable

Anti-Siphon Valve – Adjustable

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Anti-Siphon Valve – Adjustable

£83.50 £100.20

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  • Connection Size – 3/8″ BSP
  • Adjustable head – Between 0 – 4mtrs Head or 400mb
  • Material – Body – Brass
  • Diaphragm – Nitrile

£83.50 £100.20

SKU: GS2060



This anti-siphon valve is Designed for use on oil tanks for domestic oil-fired central heating systems, this valve will prevent the flow of fuel when there is no positive vacuum applied to the downstream side. This prevents theft of fuel by cutting the pipe and also prevents pollution if the pipe downstream of the valve ruptures

  • Adjustable between 0 and 4 meters negative head, this equates to 0 to – 400MB
  • Brass Body, with Nitrile Diaphragm
  • Only available in 3/8″ BSP
  • Max Flow – TBC

Tip: Consider the option of using the ‘TankTop’ (see separate option), which is an all-in-one device incorporating an anti-siphon valve, filter, etc all in one complete unit (eliminating the risks of air leaks that can be introduced when connecting all of the individual components).  The TankTop also comes complete with a floating suction line to ensure the oil is sucked up from the top of the fluid in the tank minimizing the risk of pulling through debris/particulate/water that may be collected in the bottom of the tank.  The TankTop gives superior protection against the introduction of air leaks and at the same time significantly reduces the complexity and time take for installation.


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Connection Size

3/8" BSP

Adjustable Head

Between 0 – 4mtrs Head or 400mb

Material - Body





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