1″ Steel Reinforced Diesel Hose

1" Steel Reinforced diesel hose

1″ Steel Reinforced Diesel Hose

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  • Pre-cut lengths with crimped hose tails 
  • Available in 3/4″ or 1″ sizes
  • Steel reinforced for durability
  • Suitable for use with diesel and oils

From £34.48 £41.38

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Our 1″ steel reinforced diesel hose has a helicoil of steel running through the wall to prevent it collapsing and restricting the flow.

Two-layer hose in thermoplastic PVC/PU/NITRILE rubber compound with embedded galvanised steel spiral and polyester yarn reinforcement for suction and delivery of oils, blue diesel, diesel and bio diesel.

The working pressures quoted within the chart are based on the short term burst pressures calculated at 23°C using a 4-to 1 safety factor.

Maximum recommended working temperature is 60°C. At temperatures above 55°C working pressures quoted would be affected. Below -25°C bend radius and flexibility would be affected.


Hose tail variations: There are 3 options for hose tails for this 1″ steel reinforced diesel hose c/w tails, 1” BSP Parallel male hose tail, ¾” BSP Parallel male hose tail and 1” BSP taper male hose tail. Use the drop down box to select which is required.

Fitting Parallel vs Taper:

parallel thread has a straight thread and will continue to screw all the way in until it reaches its full thread length or bottoms out on the internal surface.  This is ideal if the seal is using an o’ring or gasket(thread depth dependant for gaskets).

A taper thread increases in size so will tighten as it is screwed in and usually lock up completely before it reaches its full length of thread.

If the seal is going to be an o’ring or a gasket then parallel thread would normally be the best option.

If the seal is thread on thread with no o’ring or gasket then potentially either can be used. For moderately low pressure applications for which this hose is intended both taper and parallel thread can be sealed using an appropriate thread seal tape i.e. PTFE white plumbers tape, or appropriate thread sealant paste/glue.  For parallel thread more thread seal tape will be necessary.  A taper thread will require less thread seal tape and be able to be tightened to a higher degree(NB: the hose tails are aluminium thread – overtightening may cause damage).

As well as 1″ steel reinforced diesel hose we also supply this in 3/4″ too please see here – 3/4″ Steel reinforced diesel hose

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Hose Length

1.6m x 1” (25mm ID) Hose, 2m x 1” (25mm ID) Hose, 3m x 1” (25mm ID) Hose, 4m x 1” (25mm ID) Hose, 6m x 1” (25mm ID) Hose, 8m x 1” (25mm ID) Hose, 10m x 1” (25mm ID) Hose

Hose Tail Size

1" x 1" BSPP, 1" x 3/4" BSPP, 1" x 1"BSPT