ZVA 19 Diesel Manual Nozzle

ZVA 19 Chemical Manual Nozzle

ZVA 19 Diesel Manual Nozzle

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Version for pump and gravity available

•Die Cast Aluminium Body with S/S Internal Parts
•3.5 bar Max Pressure
•1″FBSP Inlet Connection
•Max Flow Rate :100ltr Per Min
•PTFE Seals

Suitable for diesel

£205.00 £246.00

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ZVA 19 Diesel Manual Nozzle

Renowned for their unmatched presence in forecourts across the UK and Europe, Elaflex’s ZVA range of nozzles sets the standard for high-end commercial dispensers in the private sector. Manufactured in Germany by Elaflex, these nozzles are celebrated for their exceptional quality and reliability. They are a common sight in premium fuel dispensing stations, where performance and safety are paramount.

The ZVA nozzle is distinguished by a host of advanced features that make it a leader in the market. Key among these is the drip-stop spout, which ensures clean and efficient fuelling by preventing drips after the nozzle is removed from the vehicle. This feature not only enhances user experience but also minimizes fuel wastage and environmental impact. The LeverAssist® multispeed lever is another significant innovation, allowing for precise control of fuel flow. This lever is designed to be user-friendly, reducing operator fatigue and improving fuelling efficiency.

Additionally, the ZVA nozzle includes a removable latch, offering flexibility and ease of use. This latch can be adjusted or removed to suit different operational requirements, making the nozzle versatile across various applications. Another noteworthy aspect is that the nozzle is fully serviceable, ensuring long-term functionality and cost-effectiveness. Routine maintenance and repairs can be performed easily, extending the nozzle’s lifespan and maintaining optimal performance.

Safety and compliance are critical in fuel dispensing equipment, and Elaflex’s ZVA nozzles excel in this area. All ZVA nozzles are approved for use in hazardous areas, carrying the ATEX Certificate Number 03 ATEX 9487U (Ex II 1G). This certification attests to the nozzles’ safety in explosive atmospheres, ensuring they meet stringent international safety standards. Moreover, they comply with EN 13012 standards, which set the requirements for the construction and performance of automatic nozzles used in petrol filling stations. This compliance guarantees that the nozzles are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Further emphasizing their commitment to quality, Elaflex’s ZVA nozzles also have TÜV approval P-TÜ7-01930. TÜV certification is a respected mark of safety and quality assurance, indicating that the nozzles have undergone rigorous testing and meet the necessary regulatory standards.

In summary, Elaflex’s ZVA range of nozzles is synonymous with excellence in fuel dispensing technology. Their unmatched presence in forecourts, coupled with advanced features, safety certifications, and compliance with international standards, make them the preferred choice for high-end commercial dispensers. Whether for new installations or upgrading existing systems, ZVA nozzles deliver reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind to operators and customers alike.

The ZVA 19 Diesel Manual Nozzle is suitable for diesel and can be used on both pumped and gravity systems.

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