Piusi OCIO Desk PC Interface

Piusi OCIO Desk PC Software

Piusi OCIO Desk PC Interface

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  • Displays tank level in %, level or volume
  • Can be set up to update at a specific time or variation
  • Software CD
  • Connection via USB interface
  • Connect up to 12 tank’s Ocio’s to the same PC
  • Works exclusively with Ocio tank contents gauges

From £527.19 £632.63

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The Piusi Ocio Desk PC Software offers a sophisticated solution for monitoring fuel tank levels directly from your PC. Designed to interface seamlessly with both new and existing Ocio gauges, this software uses a USB connection for easy setup and operation. Depending on the selected version, the Piusi Ocio Desk software can integrate with up to 12 Ocio gauges, providing a comprehensive overview of tank levels from the convenience of your desktop.

This advanced fuel tank gauge software allows users to monitor tank levels in various formats, including percentage, level, or volume, ensuring precise and tailored measurement options. Additionally, the software presents both current and historical tank data in graphical form, facilitating the identification of trends and anomalies over time. This feature is particularly useful for detecting unusual patterns or discrepancies in tank levels, potentially indicating issues that require attention.

The Piusi Ocio Desk software offers customizable update settings, allowing users to define specific time intervals or variations in tank levels for automatic updates. This flexibility ensures that you always have the most up-to-date information without the need for manual checks. Data transmission is achieved via a two-core screened cable, enabling reliable communication with a PC located up to 900 meters away, making it suitable for various installation scenarios.

Key features of the Piusi Ocio Desk Fuel Tank Gauge Software include:

  • Software CD for easy installation
  • USB interface for straightforward connectivity
  • Display options for tank levels in percentage, level, or volume
  • Graphical representation of current and historical tank level data
  • Customizable update intervals or level variations
  • Reliable data transmission up to 900 meters
  • Capability to connect up to 12 Ocio gauges to a single PC
  • Exclusive compatibility with Ocio tank contents gauges

The Piusi OCIO Desk PC Software is an essential tool for efficient and accurate fuel management, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability for monitoring fuel tank levels from your desk.

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