GOK Oil Pressure Regulating valve (fixed 100mbar)

Gok Oil Pressure Regulating Valve (fixed 100mbar)

GOK Oil Pressure Regulating valve (fixed 100mbar)

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  • 10mm Compression Ports
  • Inlet pressure of 0.5 to 6 bar
  • Outlet pressure of 100 mbar
  • Maximum flow rate of 20 litres per hour

£48.30 £57.96

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Introducing the GOK Oil Pressure Regulating Valve, manufactured to meet the demanding needs of precision pressure control in a variety of applications. Engineered to maintain a fixed outlet pressure of 100mbar, this regulator is tailored for appliances requiring precise pressure settings, such as oil & vapour-type systems such as AGAs.

Equipped with 10mm compression fittings, seamlessly aligning with your 10mm oil line, installation is swift and hassle-free. Designed for single-appliance gravity feed systems, particularly prevalent in oil heating setups, this regulator thrives within a liquid head range spanning from 2 meters to an impressive 30 meters.

Pressure regulators are employed across diverse domestic and industrial landscapes. From the controlled grilling environments of gas barbecues to heating furnaces, from the precise calibration of medical equipment to the seamless automation of pneumatic systems, the presence of pressure regulators maintaining a system pressure to keep running smoothly and without issue.

At the core of their functionality lies a singular feature: the reduction of inlet pressure to a regulated outlet pressure, therefore maintaining equilibrium against the fluctuating input pressures. Whether mitigating the flow of propane on a gas BBQ or maintaining the delicate balance of oxygen and anaesthesia gases in medical situations, pressure regulators are present, ensuring operational stability and safety.

When navigating the choice of pressure regulator selection, certain factors demand consideration. Factors such as operating pressure ranges for both inlet and outlet to the type of media being used —be it gaseous, liquid, or potentially hazardous—each factor necessitates meticulous scrutiny. Anticipating operating temperature extremes, scrutinizing material compositions for optimal compatibility, and even heeding the constraints of size and weight, each element , would need consideration leading to the correct selection of the ideal pressure regulator for any given application.

The GOK Oil pressure regulating valve is fixed at 100mb outlet pressure with a inlet pressure range of between 0.5 to 6 bar. with 10mm compression fittings for standard heating oil lines. These are usually installed where an AGA would be present and required pressure reduction is needed.


Should this not be exactly what you are looking for we also supply an adjustable pressure regulator. See here “Oil Pressure regulating valve c/w gauge 0.2-5 bar”

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