3/8″ Non Return Valve

3/8" Non Return Valve

3/8″ Non Return Valve

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  • 3/8″ BSP Female x Female connection
  • Max working pressure 12 bar
  • Fluid Temp. Range -20 Deg C to +100 Deg C
  • Brass Body
  • Plastic Diaphragm

£6.20 £7.44

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3/8″ Non Return Valve – Brass

A non-return valve allows a medium to flow in only one direction and is fitted to ensure that the medium flows through a pipe in the right direction, where pressure conditions may otherwise cause reversed flow.

This York iTAP non return valve is spring loaded,  It is mostly used by professionals for various water & heating installations.

The valve can be installed in any direction and has a maximum working pressure up to 12 bar. It is available in a wide range of female thread BSP connections

Suitable for domestic water services, heating and air-conditioning plants, compressed air systems and oil heating installations. It can be installed in any position: vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

Temperature Range: -20 Deg C to +100 Deg C

A non return valve can sometimes be referred to as a check valve, another use for these is with an addition basket strainer attached to act as a one way filter on a suction or pick up hose supplying a pump, whereby the suction hose drops into a fuel storage tank and is attached to the inlet of a transfer pump, and the check valve and strainer will ensure no large debris from the tank is sucked into the pump and can cause damage, it will also keep the pump primed with fuel, as the non return valve will stop the fuel emptying back into the tank.

As well as this 3/8″ non return valve we supply many other types of fittings you would find in an oil heating system or installation – Fittings & Spares


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