Which filter do i need for my oil heating system ?

There are 3 different types of heating oil filter and replacement heating oil filter elements.

Inline filters – with either paper or steel filter elements, these are usually 30 micron for paper elements or 100 microns for steel elements.

Water Trap Filter or Water separator filters – These usually have a clear bowl so you can see the water build up and will have a drain tap to allow its removal.

Filter Valves – Filter vales are usually a combination of a filter with an isolation valve. Such as the Atkinson Filter Valve or the AFV-1000.

Ive heard something about not being allowed to use plastic bowl filters anymore ?

The OFTEC recommendation’s have change regarding plastic bowl filters and deaerators, but these are at the moment only recommendations the BSI have not adopted this, nor has building regulations, so having any of these items in your system would only be classed as a minor non conformance, unless these regulations change.