Draught Stabilisers

Draught stabilisers ensures consistent draught levels throughout the heating season, optimising combustion efficiency.

In the majority of heating setups, the chimney’s draught exceeds the boiler’s requirements. Throughout the heating season, draught levels can fluctuate from 0 to 100 Pa due to temperature variations and wind conditions. Unstable draughts can lead to reduced efficiency, incomplete combustion, and system breakdowns. Whether using oil, gas, or solid fuels, maintaining a stable draught is crucial.

Stabilisers also plays a vital role in venting condensate from the chimney. When burning wood, the stabiliser reduces chimney temperatures, minimising the risk of soot fires.



Top outlet or bottom outlet?


Gravity is what makes a bottom outlet tank functional, it feeds the oil through the oil line to the appliances without the use of a pump from the boiler. When installing a bottom outlet valve on a bunded tank it means that the bund is now breached by putting an outlet pipe between the primary tank and the bund wall in order to extract the oil. This has all the weight of the oil behind it, should there be a leak, it could lead to a catastrophic pollution as this is forced out into the environment. These leaks may not be obvious especially if the tank is installed underground and could go on for years, costing people money on refilling their tanks not knowing there is a leak.


Top outlet tanks work by drawing oil from the top of the tank and is considered ‘best practice’ from OFTEC which is the regulation body that is further controlled by BSI. The innovative product has all the components required for drawing fuel oil from the top of the storage tank in one unit (no joints to leak oil out of or let air in). It incorporates all of the following into one neat, easy to install, unit :

  • Floating Suction head
  • Silcon suction tube (1.6m)
  • Non Return Valve
  • 50 Micron Filter
  • Diaphram Anti-Siphon Valve
  • Anti-Spill Valve
  • Tank Inlet Fitting 1″ BSPM
  • Purging/Priming Button
  • Surface gasket
  • Totally Waterproof

For the Tank Top to work, there must be a de-aerator installed, due to the Tank Top the oil line will be under negative pressure which means that small air bubbles can form when the oil is being drawn through the pipework. By installing one of these, all oil passes through the automatic oil de-aerator, which effectively removes all gas/air bubbles from the system. This eliminates oil pump and nozzle problems associated with gas/air in the oil – providing a cleaner burn at the boiler.

What are the benefits of a top outlet tank?


  • Environmentally the safest option, it is a product supported by the Environment Agencies and OFTEC
  • Easy to install into new installations or existing pipework
  • Using a de-aerator in the line will improve the quality of the oil being fed to the boiler
  • Drawing oil from the top of the tank which provides the cleanest oil to the boiler
  • Lessens the risk of a leak and damaging the environment
  • The Tank Top is compatible with plastic bunded oil tanks and plastic single skin oil tanks.