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Piusi Self Service Fuel Management Software & Keys

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Piusi MC Box, Cube & self service fuel management system units.
Same as original self service software but upgraded modern, attractive, user friendly interface
Transaction about fuel deliveries view-able on a PC screen
Screen displays units on site individually named
Select & Filter in graph format drivers, vehicles or dispenses
Data compatibility :
Export reports in .pdf, .xlsx or .txt file.
Downloadable or on USB
Additional user keys available.
£262.50 (exc VAT) £315.00 (inc VAT)
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Piusi Self Service Desk 2018 Fuel Management Software

The Piusi Self Service Desk 2018 Software for Piusi fuel management systems is the new revamped version of the market known Self Service Desk, having identical functionality as the previous software but benefits from a more modern, attractive and user friendly interface.

The Self Service Desk Software allows the user to view all stored refuelling transaction data recorded by the management system on a PC rather than just at the unit, enabling the convenient and easy analysis of this information. This Piusi software enables the user to see what units they have on site, view the data graphically, which can be filtered by user, date, vehicle or dispenser to narrow results and export reports in the desired format such as Excel, PDF or text only.

This fuel management software is available in two formats; a download from the Piusi website using your allocated licence key (which we recommend); or run off a USB. The Self Service Desk Fuel Management System Software allows data to be transferred through hardwiring or via a key reader connected to the PC via USB.

This fuel management software is suitable for the Piusi MC Box, Cube and Self Service fuel management system units. For those who want to upgrade from the original Self Service Desk, you can migrate your old data to ensure no history is lost.

Features of the Self Service Desk 2018 Fuel Management System Software:

  • Fuel Management PC Software
  • New and improved look with identical functionality to previous sofwtare
  • Versions to run software via web download or USB
  • Data transfer by hardwiring or key reader and USB (depending on model)
  • For Piusi standard fuel management systems
  • Additional user keys available if there are more than 10 users

Do I want the download or USB version ?

Download - Recommended, unless there is no internet on site. A licence number is given to download from the Piusi website. If you ever need to reinstall the software, we can reissue the licence number at no cost.

USB - If you dont have internet connection on site to download the software we can offer you the USB version to run it off. If you loose or break your USB, a replacement needs to be purchased.



Dispensing Fuel
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