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Oil Up Lift Pump, Oil lifter 3L Reservoir

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Heating Oil Up Lifter, Oil Lift Pump, 3L Reservoir

Part Code:
Max Lift Height:
8 meters (using 8mm ID pipe)
Max horizontal run:
100mm (using 8mm ID pipe)
Outlet Flowrate:
8lph based on 8m vertical head & 25m horizontal
Outlet Flowrate:
15lph based on 5m vertical head & 25m horizontal
Inlet connection:
3/8" BSP Female
Outlet Connection:
3/8" BSP Female
Overflow Outlet Connection:
1/2" BSP Female
Power Supply:
AC 230v, 50Hz
Power Consumption:
Reservoir Total Capacity:
3.5 litres
240 x 125 x 300mm
3 kg
Fuel Type:
Kerosene & Diesel Oil
£614.89 (exc VAT) £737.87 (inc VAT)
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Product Accessories

OL-3L Oil Up Feeder

Used to ensure a head of oil above the burner to provide a gravity feed supply.  Inbuilt pump and micro switches call for oil when the reservoir gets low and switches itself off when full.

Maximum lift is 8 metres and the maximum distance to the oil tanks is 100 metres.

Oil lifters can also be fitted with a leak detection tray, this will isolate the oil pump from emptying and refilling the reservoir if it detects a leak.

Oil Lifters can be fitted inside the building as well as outside. If the unit is being fitted inside it should be in a fire walled, ventilated area. If if is being fitted outside the building it needs to be in a weatherproof box as it is not IP rated. 


We do supply weatherproof enclosures see here


Installing a Leak Detection Tray
  • Installing a Leak Detection Tray

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