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Atkinson Tankmaster Valve & Sight Gauge (TM4790)

Atkinson Tanktop - Top Off Take Valve (TTV-01)

Atkinson Filstop - Overfil Prevention Valve (GV4000 - GV4300)

Atkinson Filtervalve - Combined filter and isolation valve (AFV-1000)

Atkinson Fuelbox - Fuel Dispensing Unit (FB-230/12/24/110)

Atkinson Tank Alarms - Overfill & Bund Alarms (TA1010/20/40/50/55/80)

Atkinson Locking Filler Cap - Tank Security Device (AFC2000-PL)

Push Button Sight Gauge - Oil level Indicator (SG155x)

Water removal Kit - Water in your heating oil tank ? (WRK-1000/2000/3000)



Atkinson Tankmaster Valve & Sight Gauge 

How do i fit my new Tankmaster Valve


A:- Please click the link to view/download or print a fitting instruction sheet.

Fitting Instructions






A:- To operate the sight gauge: On the side of the Tankmaster body above the oil line there is a “Pull to read button” to take a reading, pull and hold the button in the open position until the level in the sight gauge stabilises. When the knob is released it will return to the closed position automatically.

To operate the Control Valve: The control valve hand wheel is to be found on the front of the Tankmaster. By turning the wheel the valve is opened and closed as required. By turning the wheel Clock wise, the valve closes. With valve fully closed the hand wheel will spin freely in the clockwise direction.To open the valve the hand wheel is turned anti-clockwise until the wheel stops. (It is advisable to turn the hand wheel one quarter of a turn clockwise when fully open; this helps to stop the threads locking between operations).Sight tubing may over time discolour requiring it to be replaced. The Tankmaster sight tube assembly can be replaced as a unit eg. 4’6” (TM4480) or the tube can be replaced with a cut length from a role of sight Tubing. (COM 2080).You may wish to replace the green level indicator float SG2000 at the same time as you replace the sight tubing.Note: The fire valve is situated in the middle of the hand-wheel. If the fire valve has activated the valve spindle will have pushed the soldered bush out of the hand wheel, closing the valve. The hand wheel (TM4310) will need replacing before the valve can be operated again.



A:- The Tankmaster must be serviced at least every 12 months.Carefully remove the circlip on the end of the control valve spindle. Turn the hand-wheel clockwise until it spins free and can be removed. Apply copper ease or similar grease to the threads of the hand wheel and replace the hand wheel and circlip. DO NOT at this point operate the hand-wheel into the open position.Pull the “Pull to read” button fully into the open position and apply copper ease or similar grease to the pull to read shaft working it into the body by pulling and releasing the button.Replace the filter as follows. First make sure you have your new TM4660F replacement filter kit. The Tankmaster filter is not a washable filter! The filter is situated on the bottom of the Tankmaster. With the hand wheel in the closed position place a container under the Tankmaster to catch any spillage from the filter when it is removed. Using a 17mm spanner, remove the bolt under the filter bowl. Remove the bowl and slide the filter down the filter tube and discard. Remove the bowl seal located in the Tankmaster body bowl groove and discard; finally remove the collapsible seal from the bowl fixing bolt and discard. From the new filter kit take the new bowl seal “O” ring and fit into the Tankmaster body groove. Slide the new filter home up the filter tube until the filter tube appears through the bottom of the filter. Fit the new collapsible seal to the 17mm bolt insuring that the rounded edge is under the bolt head. After cleaning any sludge from the filter bowl locate the bowl into the “O” ring groove of the Tankmaster Body, insert the bolt and tighten using a 17mm spanner. (Do not over tighten). On completion of the service pull and hold the “pull to read” button until there are no air bubbles rising up the sight tube.



A:- The only differences between the two versions of the Tankmaster are the length’s of the filter bowls, the Mark I filter bowl will measure 2 1/2″ deep from the body. A Mark II will only measure 1 1/4″ deep from the body.





question5A:- The ‘old’ paper filter for the Mark I Tankmaster is no longer available. With the introduction of plastic oil tanks, which are generally fitted on the floor, it was necessary to reduce the length of the original Tankmaster filter bowl (2 1/2″ Deep) in order to provide room for the clearance needed to service the Tankmaster and replace the filter. This led to the introduction of the Tankmaster Mark II, which has a shorter filter bowl (1 1/4″ deep) and consequently a shorter filter, which has also change to plastic. It is posible to use the filter replacement kit (TM4660F), which is designed for use with the series II version on the older mark I version. This is done by adding a small cable tie wrapped around the centre shaft within the filter bowl so that it holds the filter up against the body of the Tankmaster. See sketch below. The filter kit also contains two new o-rings, one for the top of the filter bowl and one for around the screw at the bottom of the filter bowl. When removing the filter bowl the exsisting bottom o-ring will appear to be flat. This is because it has been compressed into shape. Your new o-ring for fitting around the screw will be tapered and must be fitted with the narrow edge facing up towards the filter bowl.


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Atkinson Tanktop - Top Off Take Valve

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Atkinson Filstop - Overfill Prevention Valve

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Atkinson Filtervalve - Combined filter and isolation valve

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Atkinson Fuelbox - Fuel Dispensing Unit

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Atkinson Tank Alarms - Overfill & Bund Alarms

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Atkinson Locking Filler Cap - Tank Security Device

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Push Button Sight Gauge - Oil Level Indicator

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Water removal Kit - Water in your heating oil tank ?

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