Maintaining your heating oil tank before winter is important for several reasons:


Leak Prevention

Regular maintenance helps identify and fix potential leaks or cracks, preventing oil spills that can be costly to clean up and harmful to the environment.

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Efficient Operation:

A well-maintained tank ensures your heating system operates efficiently, saving you money on fuel and reducing energy consumption.

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Proper maintenance reduces the risk of fuel leaks and related hazards, such as fire or contamination of soil and groundwater.


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Introducing the Atkinson Tanktop, your solution for seamlessly drawing fuel oil from the top of your storage tank while ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. This innovative product is a game-changer, combining all the essential components for top-of-tank extraction into a single, leak-proof unit. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple joints, as this system incorporates everything you need in one neat and easy-to-install package.

Arguably the best quality Fire Valve in existence today… and it’s British-made! Fluid-filled capillary and bellows mean that it is more responsive (than other air filled capillary and bellows on the market). Therefore, we can set the trip mechanism with more tolerance (this does not have to be set on a hair-trigger). Which results in zero nuisance tripping and within a tighter trip range.

**Free 10mm compression fittings and copper pipe inserts with all 3/8″ body fire valves**


A Tigerloop deaerator is a piece of equipment that removes air from fuel and expels it from your heating system. This achieves several things:
Firstly it makes the fuel burn cleaner in your boiler, as excessive air would carbonate on the fuel jets and they would become blocked quicker and therefor it reduces maintenance or breakdowns. Secondly it opens your system up into a two pipe system which gives better lift capabilities for the boiler pump to pull fuel through the system from the tank.

How to keep your tank in tip-top condition:

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  • Service / replace your filters – A blocker filter can cause intermittent supply of heating oil, resulting in flame failure and cold feet! We recommend replacing the filters prior to the  winter season as part of an annual service.


  • Water Protection – Protect your oil heating system from water with one of our many products. Our water removal kits are a perfect way to ensure you keep the water out and your tank working effeciently.


  • Fire Prevention – Going into winter and inevitably using our heating systems more often, it is essential you ensure there is fire protection within the system in place. Check that your fire valves are isolating and resetting properly!

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