Our new websites………

Welcome Fueldump Customers,

We now have an ever growing range of websites based on individual products. All our sites are dedicated to the each product line.

Designed to give a more detailed explanation and in depth product overview. Loaded with extra info and product specifications pages.

You can also find guides and installation instructions.

Here is our comprehensive list of sites and a brief explanation of each.

www.Tigerloops.co.uk – a site dedicated to oil deaerators and our range of Tigerholm Tigerloops. The theory, the products and the answers to removing air from your oil lines in your oil heating system.

www.Fueltransfer.co.uk – a site listing all of our range of fuel transfer equipment we supply. From fuel dispensing nozzles to pumps, flowmeters, hose and hose reels.

www.1stforoiltanksecurity.co.uk – Our site relating to keeping your oil storage tank safe from the oil thieves, Not only is there info on the security products we supply, but info on various other methods and ways to keep your tank safe.

www.Firevalvetester.co.uk – Site based on the new Test unit available to test all brands of capillary fire valve. User guides and technical specification are available here.

www.topofftake.co.uk – A new website dedicated to The new innovative Atkinson Tanktop, oil top off take valve. The valve is designed so you can responsible draw clean heating oil from the top of your storage tank rather than from the bottom. Making your tank more environmentally friendly as well as improving the operation of your heating system with the constant use of clean heating oil rather then dirty sludgy oil from the bottom.

www.draughtstabilisers.co.uk – An in-depth look at our range of Tigerholm Tigex draught stabiliser range. Here you can find specifications on each individual Tigex draught stabiliser and even dimensional drawings.

www.Frostsentry.net – The Frost Sentry unit was designed to stop the condensate pipe on condensate boilers from freezing up. On our site you can see the full specifications and comprehensive installation instructions.

www.Barginpumps.co.uk – Here you can see the full range of fuel transfer pumps we currently have on offer at massively knocked down prices. Panel pumps, fuel transfer pumps and fuel dispensing units.


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