The Atkinson Ultra installation instructions

The Atkinson Ultra installation instructions

Installing your Atkinson Ultra Gauge.

It is essential to read these instructions through before beginning the installation.


  1. Most modern Plastic Tanks will have a 32mm hole ready on top of the tank to take the transmitter. If this is not so, find a flat level area on top of the tank at least 30mm away from the tank filling point. Make sure that there will be nothing between the transmitter and the bottom of the tank and make a 32mm diameter hole to take the black transmitter horn. Be very careful when cutting into a steel tank especially if it has fuel already in the tank.
  2. Measure the tank’s height. i.e. from the bottom of the tank to the top where the transmitter will be fitted.
  3. Take the black transmitter with the 3 aerials and remove the centre screw.
  4. Check that the Green tab in the middle of the inside of the transmitter top is connected to the two pins.
  5. Take the black transmitter to where the white plug in receiver is to be installed. plug the receiver in and switch it on. The LED lights will scroll from top to bottom.
  6. Measure the distance equal to the height of the tank (2) from a wall, door, window or any hard surface.
  7. Connect the battery to the black transmitter.
  8. Hold the transmitter equal to that distance with the base of the transmitter with it’s horn/cotton real shaped transducer pointing square and direct at the surface being used. Hold the unit steady and remove the Green tab. Be careful not to get fingers or any other obstruction between transducer and the surface being used. Keep green tab safe – (most people store it in the transmitter base when it has been fitted to the tank). The calibration is now fixed even when the battery is disconnected.
  9. Touch the magnet (little white stick with a magnet in the rounded end) onto the top of the transmitter in the recess between the aerials for a second, and remove. Whilst watching the white plug in receiver, starting at a point further away than the calibration length, move the transmitter towards a hard surface to see the levels increase to 3/4 on the receiver. Move back away from hard surface and ensure that LOW led is displayed at the correct (calibrated) distance. If LOW red LED is activated in wrong position or does not illuminate then recalibrate transmitter and repeat step 9. When you are happy with calibration, move to instruction 10.
  10. Remove the battery.
  11. Switch off the white plug in receiver and then switch it on again – it will scroll from top to the bottom again.
  12. Fit the transmitter onto the top of the tank through the prepared hole. Make sure the rubber gasket is in place and fix using the two screws provided.
  13. Re-connect the battery.
  14. Use the magnet to activate the transmitter. (transmitter will then transmit continually for about one minute) If the transmitter and Receiver are within radio range, the fuel level will be displayed on the white plug in receiver. If the white plug in receiver is still scrolling from top to bottom, unplug the unit and move to another socket that is closer to the tank.


Your Atkinson Ultra will send a level multiple times in a 24 hour period and will indicate when the battery should be replaced.

The red BATT light at the right hand bottom of the white plug in receiver face will flash when the battery is getting LOW and will come on continually if the battery has failed. It is therefore advisable to replace the battery when the light starts to flash or within a few days.

If calibration procedure has been carried out correctly, when the LOW Fuel red light first shows you still have about 10% of a tank full of fuel.

Please note we no longer manufacture this product, and we do not have spares in stock as this item is now obsolete.