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Tankmaster On/Off Handwheel - Fuel Dump

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Tankmaster On/Off Handwheel

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£5.25 (exc VAT) £6.30 (inc VAT)
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Tankmaster On/Off Handwheel

comes complete with centre threaded piece, Circlip not included see below.

Suitable for both Tankmaster Mark I and Mark II.

Note: Price is per item (two views are shown in the picture to help identify the item on offer).

Tip: Do you also need an On/Off Handwheel Circlip?  Order one of these at the same time as you are ordering a new handwheel,use the drop down box below to select and add a circlip to your order.  When removing the old handwheel these can jump off and drop on the floor and are almost impossible to find.  It is then difficult to locate a supplier (especially as it is difficult to decribe exactly what it is you want). These circlips are for convenience, to stop the handwheel becoming detached from the Tankmaster, but do not effect the operation of the unit.

Have a look at the cut-away picture of the Tankmaster Tank Union and Valve to see how the hand-wheel interacts:

Also see the video guide above on how to change the Tankmaster filter.

Changing A Tankmaster Filter
  • Changing A Tankmaster Filter

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