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Single Skin Tank - LP1230T - Fuel Dump

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Single Skin Tank - LP1230T

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£308.00 (exc VAT) £369.60 (inc VAT)
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a) 1900mm (6′ 3″) b) 860mm (2′ 10″)
c) 1240mm (4′ 1″)

Capacity: 1230 Litres (270 gallons)

Tank Footprint
: 1050mm x 1750mm (4′ 7″ x 5′ 9″)

Weight: 55 kgs

Certificate Number: 0668060207


Additional Options :-

Watchman Sonic Level Gauge                                       Filter & Isolation Valve


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Before purchasing your tank please consult an OFTEC registered engineer to ensure the purpose and physical proposed site for your tank are in accordance with OFTEC and Building Regulations.

All tanks should be installed on a flat, fire resistant surface. This can either be made from concrete or slabs where the thickness should be at least 50mm. The base for the tank should extend at least 300mm beyond the widest point of the tank to fully support the base. Materials un-suitable for purpose would be piers, wood and anything combustible. For further information please visit www.oftec.org.

All fuel tanks need to be installed by an OFTEC engineer in accordance with OFTEC regulations see http://www.oftec.org/

Single skin oil tanks are guaranteed for 2 years providing installation guidelines are followed as per the installation manual provided with the tank. Ancillary components are guaranteed for 1 year.

Each of our single skin tanks are suitable for use with the latest electronic gauges, they have a lifting lug and have fork lift access points.

Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.