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Manual Quick Release Unit (MQR) - Fuel Dump

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Manual Quick Release Unit (MQR)

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Manual Quick Release Unit


The Manual Quick Release (MQR) is designed for use with fusible link actuated fire valves. In operation, the MQR provides manual activation of the fire valve system. Pressing the red push button will release the fire valve cable tension, allowing the valve to close by gravity. The MQR is usually sited adjACent to an ‘Exit’ doorway in a plant room or generator enclosure and is particulary useful for testing fire valve systems as well as providing manual fire valve closure in an event whereby an operator observes something of concern and does not want to wait for a fusible link to melt, triggering valve closure. The MQR can also be used in conjunction with a wall mounted FEL E-Mag or E-Mag2 electromagnetic fire valve release. This combination provides fire valve release options by fusible link, MQR manual operation and also electrically using an E-Mag via a fire alarm interface. 


  • Designed for use with ‘fusible link operated free fall fire valve’ systems
  • Provides manual release of fire valve system
  • Can be used with electro-mechanical fire valve
  • Systems40mm red push button operation
  • Integral shroud to prevent accidental operation
  • Brass release spindle and 40mm pulley wheel assembly
  • Wall or generator enclosure mounting
  • Optional 24v DC volt free changeover switch
  • Option Red/Green LED’s for status indication
  • Can be used in conjunction with E-Mag & E-Mag2 electro-magnetic release