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Boiler And flue Accessories

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Boiler & flue accessories

This section is for boiler and flue accesories such as Tigex flue draught stabilsers from Tigerholm and frozen condensate pipe trace heaters like the Frost Sentry.

We are now offering the NEW Frost Sentry - Designed to stop the condensate pipe on condensate boilers from freezing. An inovative new trace heater system that detects temperature drops in the pipe and automatically starts to heat to avoid freezing.

Also we now have the complete range of Draught Stabilisers for Chimney and Flue setups. See the Tigerholm Tigex Draught Stabilisers below. The range covers all the possible configurations of flue pipe. 

Please check back as we are constantly adding new boiler and flue accesories to range all the time.